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The Early Years

In 1965, our family, then newly settled immigrants, established our first restaurant in Philadelphia, P.A. This is where that mean cheesesteak you love comes from; in fact, it was nominated best cheesesteak in Philly at the time.

In 1971, we came to Maryland and opened several Italian-style restaurants, the first being Paisano's in 1977, located in the heart of Rockville. Paisano's built a strong rep for itself, known not only for its Philly cheesesteak, but also for its New York-style pizza and italian dinners. Our pizza was also selected as number one in the Washington area. But what about our food is it that sets us apart from many others?

Our Principles

First, after more than 30 years of experience in the restaurant business, cooking becomes second nature. Second, and more importantly, if there was one thing that could describe what set us apart from others, it would be based on our moral principles: We live on the principles that we don’t feed others what we would not eat ourselves. And, our standards of food are high as much of our ingredients came from our farm located in Urbana, Frederick County. Thus, we turned principle into reality as we incorporated all-natural, fresh-off-the-farm products into our restaurants. This is what sets us apart.


After selling Paisano's in 2006 and enjoying retirement, Jimmy (Milo's owner) soon became missed being in the restaurant. Living around the area, we grew fond of the New Market community and realized the need for a restaurant in the town. In 2011, we established Milo's Pizza & Pasta, a casual setting offering fine Italian cuisine. Within one year we expanded our restaurant to include Milo's Tavern, a more formal setting that provided the town a place to socialize and enjoy drinks; the Tavern's menu combines a variety of styles of food and is most known for it's appetizers and entree's. To top it all off, we opened Milo's Cone, making Milo's THE spot to have a family dinner, a refreshing beverage, and even take your kids out for a treat!

Although we no longer supply our own produce, every tuesday we travel to a Pennsylvanian Amish farm and hand pick our ingredients - naturally grown and GMO-free. One thing to we hope we made clear is, it is not the money that drives us, it is the fact of giving people a taste they've never had before and seeing a smile on their faces.

Our Team